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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

At FTI Consulting, we are committed to embracing, cultivating and maintaining a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging as it is fundamental to our core values.

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Meet Our People


Senior Consultant, Washington, D.C.

“The Diversity Ambassador Program has given me the opportunity to help spearhead an initiative that is important not only to me, but to my peers across the different segments of the company. Knowing that the firm is willing to support, encourage and invest in diversity allows me to work with more confidence both in the program on client projects with my colleagues.”


Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, Washington, D.C.

“Diversity matters for growth. We must be able to attract and retain the best professionals to grow and serve our expanding client base. If diverse individuals did not see FTI Consulting as a place where they could work, develop and advance their careers, we would lose very talented professionals to our competitors. Just as important, we would lose the valuable, diverse perspectives that these individuals bring to solving our clients’ critical problems. We are working hard to make sure expanding diversity fuels FTI Consulting’s growth.”


Senior Director, Boston

“In order to attract top talent and clients we need to demonstrate that FTI Consulting is a diverse firm from all perspectives. People just starting their careers should look at our firm and feel they can ‘fit-in’ and our clients should see themselves reflected across the table. The makeup of our company and our individual client teams should reflect the rest of the world.”


Chief Human Resources Officer, Washington, D.C.

“We have been working tremendously hard to create an inclusive and high-performing culture where our professionals can grow their careers and achieve their full potential. While there has been focus on creating a more diverse and inclusive culture within our organization, we recognize that we need to do more to accelerate the pace of change.”


Senior Managing Director, New York

“Diversity matters at FTI Consulting because I believe it is the right thing to do as our society becomes more diverse. It brings a variety of perspectives to the table, and increasingly our clients are demanding it as part of our offering.”


Global Leader of Technology, San Francisco

“A commitment to diversity provides FTI Consulting with a richer set of perspectives, ideas and approaches that improve our ability to serve clients and grow our company. We believe that it’s important to reflect the diversity of the world around us and the clients we serve. We believe this commitment also ensures that FTI Consulting is able to attract and develop the best talent in the market.”


President and Chief Executive Officer, Washington, D.C.

“To meet the robust growth goals we have for our business, we must attract and retain professionals with the diverse set of expertise our clients require, as well as create and maintain a culture where all people are respected and appreciated.”

The Pact For FTI Consulting

In support of equality in the workplace, FTI Consulting has agreed to a pact that includes the following goals:

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