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  • Study on the Role of Gas in Belgium’s Future Energy System

    The policy debate on possible pathways towards a reliable and decarbonised energy system in Belgium raises issues regarding technologies and policy measures.

  • FTI Intelligence: Energy

    FTI Intelligence provides a clean energy subscriptions service. This service is a series of data-driven publications evaluating competitive markets, policy, finance, technology and business models across the energy spectrum.

  • EU Power & Gas Markets

    The European Power & Gas intelligence service provides a “one-stop-shop” resource for subscribers seeking critical market, operator and transaction information in the European power and gas sectors. The service allows operators and investors to identify key risks and opportunities in the different European countries.

  • European Commission study on energy costs and subsidies in the EU

    A critical review of the European Commission study of the costs and subsidies of different generating technologies.

  • Demand Side Response – Sources of Values and Potential Business Strategies

    In this article, FTI-CL Energy experts explore the key sources of value for DSR in current electricity markets and potential strategies for capturing this value. We aim to answer the following questions: “What business models currently exist?”

  • EU Gas Market Liberalisation

    In this article, we explore the liberalisation of the gas market and the move towards a true market pricing model has been largely successful across Western Europe.

  • Growing Up: Onshore Wind’s Place in a Competitive, Low Carbon Power Generation System

    The UK is at a pivotal moment in the development of its power system as it makes the transition to a 21st century low carbon generation system based largely on gas, nuclear and renewables.

  • Toward the Target Model 2.0

    In this study, the current market framework for electricity in Europe is obsolete and at odds with the twin objectives of fighting climate change and maintaining security of supply.

  • Assessment of the Impact of the French Capacity Mechanism on Electricity Markets

    This study investigates the consequences of the implementation of a capacity mechanism in France to ensure security of supply in the challenging context of the energy transition.

  • Electricity Market Design and Renewable Energy Deployment

    Will the evolution towards a power system with high shares of variable renewable energy sources (VRE) require a new electricity market design?

  • Options for the Future of Power System Regional Coordination

    The European Commission has been working on proposals aimed at addressing some of the issues associated with energy security and the internal energy market.

  • Regulation and Competitiveness of the EU Automotive Industry

    In this report we explore the regulatory framework and the competitiveness of the EU automotive industry. The European Commission envisages the renaissance of Europe’s industry by promoting an innovative, clean technology based economy.

  • Clean Energy

    FTI Intelligence clean energy publications concentrate on the global, rapidly evolving renewable energy market, with a focus on wind, solar, biomass, wave, tidal and small hydro technologies. Our team members include leading energy industry experts and an extensive network of professionals who deliver cutting-edge focus and insight.

  • Wake Up! Reforming the EU ETS: Comparative Evaluation of the Different Options

    In light of the current debate on the reform of the EU’s carbon Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and the renewed push for decarbonisation following the Paris climate agreement, this report explores the various policy options to strengthen the EU ETS.

  • Research

    FTI Intelligence market research publications provide detailed insight into the clean energy and the EU gas and power markets.

  • Experts

    FTI Intelligence has a team of seasoned FTI-CL Energy industry experts providing in-depth analysis of these market dynamics.

  • Impact of the EU ETS Exemptions on Economic Competitiveness

    Arguing that carbon costs would threaten their competitiveness, a vast majority of the manufacturing sectors, accounting for 95% of all industrial carbon emissions, receive exemptions from the EU Emission Trading System (ETS).

  • Innovative Financing of Offshore Wind

    In this report, we explore the extent to which offshore wind power qualifies as an infrastructure asset and how this will provide access to deeper pools of money for both debt and equity.

  • Events

    FTI Intelligence is an active participant in the global energy market and is frequently invited to participate in international energy conferences, round tables, and forums.

  • In the News

    Visit FTI Intelligence's In the News for the latest on client involvement and successes, critical thinking, reports and surveys from our FTI-CL Energy team.

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