Visual Communications and Graphics

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

May 18, 2011

FTI Consulting realizes the power of visual persuasion. We focus on the evidence and how to help you, clearly and concisely, explain it to the finders of fact. Our graphics consultants are skilled in the techniques and the technologies that have proven effective in arbitrations, mediations and courtrooms.

At FTI Consulting we help our clients design, test and deliver the most powerful presentation of their case. We create graphics that support, clarify and emphasize key themes—we work closely with attorneys and experts to understand the communication challenges and to develop strategies for overcoming them. We help identify and select persuasive evidence, and generate ideas that aid in educating the appropriate audience on the concepts of our case.

FTI Consulting works with clients throughout the lifecycle of a case. We prepare visuals to support all phases of the litigation: tutorials and hearings, focus groups and mock trials, arbitrations and mediation as well as trial. Our team has extensive experience in federal and state courts in all 50 states, as well as in domestic and international arbitration forums.

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