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The 2013 Holiday Retail Report

Corporate Finance-Restructuring

The U.S. economic recovery continues to slowly gain steam but remains far from ideal and is too slow and exclusive for many Americans... More

FTI Consulting at the World Economic Forum

Economic Consulting

As a World Economic Forum partner, FTI Consulting is committed to helping the World Economic Forum in its objective to improve... More

Shareholder Engagement

Strategic Communications

Financial-communication experts with the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting share proprietary research, deep insights and best... More

Digital & Social Engagement

Strategic Communications

As the online landscape continues to evolve, it is critical for companies to evaluate their digital and social media communications strategy... More

CEO Communications

Strategic Communications

FTI Consulting has conducted proprietary research to explore the expectations of investors and other key stakeholder around the role of CEO... More

Strategic Communications: Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Perspectives

Strategic Communications

Today, healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical companies face an ever-increasing number of commercial and regulatory challenges. The experienced... More

FTI Consulting at SuperReturn International

Corporate Finance-Restructuring

Our sponsorship, now in its 3rd year, has firmly established FTI Consulting as a leading advisor to the private equity community. Working across... More

Services for the Legal Community

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

FTI Consulting has built a profile and trust with legal advisers, corporates, regulators, lenders and investors. Working alongside clients, FTI... More

Business Insurance Claims

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

FTI Consulting currently is assisting numerous clients to prepare their property and business interruption claims resulting from Sandy. The claims... More

UK Bribery Act and E-Discovery in Investigations

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

Following the introduction of The UK Bribery Act in 2011, FTI Consulting commissioned a survey in July 2012 of senior and middle management. They were... More

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FTI Journal

Is "Business Ethics" an Oxymoron

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

The increased incidence of and reporting on global fraud and corruption in business has given rise to two dangerous myths about the cause and cure of... More

Inside The Busiest Patent Court In America

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

More than 1,700 patent infringement cases were filed in the Eastern District of Texas in 2013. That’s more than in any other district in the... More

Social Media Power Users and Why They Matter

Strategic Communications

Although social media has become a pervasive means of communication, businesses struggle to tie their social media efforts to demonstrable business... More

Banks in the Crosshairs

Forensic and Litigation Consulting

It’s monumentally difficult for banks to ensure that they’re not being used by money launderers, terrorists, and other assorted bad guys... More

The Affordable Care Act and Beyond

Life Sciences

Bruised, bloodied but still standing, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is moving forward, bringing the most sweeping changes to the American healthcare... More

Angels in the Analytics

Corporate Finance-Restructuring

Boston Medical Center was the city’s largest safety-net provider. But with healthcare insurance reform, state funding dried up, and hospital... More

When Your Taxes Are Everybody's Business

Strategic Communications

For a long time, when enterprises thought of taxes, it primarily was in terms of determining, paying and limiting them... More

Not Your Father's Proxy Fight

Strategic Communications

In the energy and industrial sectors, activist funds are having more success re-making boards and influencing corporate strategies than ever before... More

Calling Dr. Data

Strategic Communications

Many hospitals and physician groups in the United States are confronting new forms of reimbursement that seek to curb the upward spiral of healthcare... More

Blueprint for Innovation

Strategic Communications

Our survey of 500 London-based firms reveals both the current barriers to innovation and the future keys for creating a sustainable innovative culture... More

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