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Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy

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The Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy within FTI Consulting leverages its cutting-edge methodologies and actionable metrics to facilitate organizational and community-based healthcare transformation strategies and initiatives.

Our People

The Center is staffed by Ph.D. and other highly trained senior healthcare professionals and consultants who have extensive knowledge of healthcare economics, disease conditions, and modeling. They help organizations and communities achieve implementable solutions grounded in robust data analysis to improve healthcare delivery. Clients include employers, providers, local governments, community and civic organizations, and insurers.

Our Services and Solutions

  • Assess expansion or realignment for leading hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Examine excess or misaligned healthcare capacity or costs, identify drivers, and implement strategy to improve delivery while reducing costs
  • Analyze and guide local healthcare stakeholders in defining and implementing needed market-based and community-wide change
  • Empirical determination of actionable metrics relating to population health, costs, access, resource utilization, and alignment
  • Microsimulation and econometric analysis to assess effect on demand and cost of service of healthcare initiatives
  • Microsimulation and econometric analysis to predict the incidence and prevalence of medical conditions, such as obesity, hypertension, CVD, and mental illness
  • Empirical and econometric analyses of geographic, demographic, and individual firm characteristics of costs and healthcare spending
  • Modeling to identify required changes to status quo and to inform stakeholders of effect on total cost of care; making recommendations for change
  • Leverage data for strategic direction and planning
  • Assess preparedness and direction for future growth to address consumer needs and trends

Our Approach

As a separate business unit within FTI Consulting, the Center provides clients with advanced analytics, probabilistic or predictive modeling, strategy, risk management, and organization transformation. The Center’s focus on analytic domains relies on a multi-disciplinary team composed of Ph.D. Economists, analytic consultants, advanced industry experts, and predictive modelers. Domains include mergers and acquisitions, market insight, value based arrangements, cross-stakeholder and community-level analysis, population health, and transformation.

Our Tools

  • Healthcare transformation analysis
  • Microsimulation
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Consumer discrete choice modeling
  • Risk stratification
  • Data analytics and statistics
  • Statistical and probabilistic modelling
  • Data on drivers, costs, and factors related to healthcare policy
  • Peer-reviewed publications and communications
  • Policy analysis
  • Advanced decision support
  • Conceptual models
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Forecasting

Data Overview

The Center draws from a wealth of public, private, and proprietary databases. Together, the data can be used to help clients develop actionable metrics, assess capacity and resources, evaluate patient behaviors and outcomes, track and simulate health populations over time, and guide future decision making, among others. Such data include, but are not limited to:

Census Data

  • Population, education, socioeconomic and demographics at varying levels of geography

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Data

  • Health behaviors, risks, trends, epidemiology on incidence and prevalence, and outcomes

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Data

  • Medicare Cost Reports, regional cost, quality, and care patterns of Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries

Epidemiology Studies

  • Disease and health condition incidence and prevalence
  • Treatment intervention

Physician Practice Data (Medicare NPI data)

Inpatient Discharge and Outpatient Episode Data

Health and Human Services (HHS) Data

  • Facility, physician, population-level data on the health environment, economics, and utilization

Extensive Commercial Claims Data

  • Payments, costs, diagnoses, and procedures, for commercially insured patients/geographies
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