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Labor & Productivity

Better managing your organization’s workforce is of critical importance in delivering quality care within today’s tight operating margins. You need the right employees deployed in the right jobs. Employees need to be trained in best practices. And they need to be unburdened from tasks that interfere with their responsibilities as caregivers.  It is a delicate balance between doing more without hiring more and without overloading your employees or diminishing the quality of patient care.

To help you better forecast staffing needs compared with projected volumes and manage your biggest expense — labor costs — FTI Consulting provides solutions that eliminate myriad time-wasting, low-value activities; increase the use of technology, data, evidence and teams; and improve standardization that avoids rework.

We enhance operational productivity with the following services:

  • Productivity opportunity improvement analysis
  • Establishment of custom staffing standards/benchmarks
  • Productivity monitoring systems
  • Organizational assessment
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