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Revenue Cycle/Charge Capture

Your revenue cycle begins the moment a patient registers for care. You then begin collecting patient data from clinical and financial processes throughout your organization: Verifying coverage. Determining benefits and patient financial responsibility. Managing patient flow. Capturing charges. Coding them accurately. Submitting bills and claims. Offering financial services when needed. Collecting funds from patients and payers. The cycle ends only when a patient’s account has a zero balance.

FTI Consulting is well-versed in helping clients create and implement a well-managed revenue cycle that is integrated with your clinical and business processes. The result is reduced operating costs, protected revenues and accelerated cash flow.

We provide a suite of services to improve revenue management, including:

  • Revenue cycle performance benchmarking
  • Net revenue and cash flow performance improvement
  • Patient access assessment and implementation
  • Patient financial assessment and implementation
  • Cash acceleration
  • Denial management improvement
  • Charge capture improvement
  • Managed care contracting and rate benchmarking
  • Revenue cycle dashboard and workflow tools
  • Customer Access Centers
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