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Reserve Estimating & Guidance

The FTI Consulting Insurance Practice supports liability estimation and reserve requirements for insurance companies, regulators, reinsurers, rating agencies, self-insurers and investors.

Our life, health, and property-casualty clients rely on our independence and expertise to help them address complex challenges in reinsurance, long tail lines, and run-off operations. We can help clients develop appropriate reserve levels and define ranges of reasonable estimates, as well as provide guidance on the variability of reserve estimates.

Our experienced team of actuaries translates its depth of actuarial analysis into meaningful discussions with company executives, underwriters, claims personnel, accounting staff, and marketing professionals. We help clients understand the implications of our reserve evaluation by identifying key assumptions, explaining potential variability, and defining risk factors.

Clients value our insights, within individual lines and at the enterprise level, in the areas of reinsurance requirements, capital allocations and inputs to economic capital models. Our independence and objectivity enable clients to make business decisions with a high level of confidence.

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