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The insurance industry, like most other industries, is increasingly dependent on a wider variety and amount of data streaming in with increased velocity from multiple disparate sources. FTI Consulting is a recognized leader in providing information technology solutions encompassing e-discovery, large-scale transactional data management, and data quality improvement. With iSuite, our advanced business intelligence and analytics SaaS platform, we enable clients to focus on relevant information, providing clients with a broad range of solutions for gaining insights and improving company financial and operational performance. Our advanced intelligence and analytics capabilities help boards, executives, management and professionals understand and make use of complex data for effective and reliable decision making, such as market and customer segmentation, acquisition and retention; portfolio analysis, and process improvements.

Our Industry Services

Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

Helps clients close any gaps and achieve competitive edge through delivery of iSuite… More

Claims Business Metrics & Analytics

Unlocking information through enhanced business metrics and predictive analytics… More

iSuite - The Advanced Intelligence & Analytics Platform

The secure, scalable and high performance enterprise business intelligence and analytics platform… More

Information/Data Quality

Focusing on information accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and relevance… More

Big Data Analytics

Helping organizations analyze data requirements and optimize the capture, cleansing, storage… More

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