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Information/Data Quality

As global competition, risk exposure, and public image issues increase, corporate executives, directors and other stakeholders are focusing more attention on the quality of information — accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and relevance — they receive and provide.

FTI Consulting Insurance Practice professionals are recognized as experts in data management processes and technology. Our in-depth knowledge of domestic and international financial and operational functions and related technology has proven invaluable in helping clients address real-world information quality issues.

Our 4-step approach:

  • Business Process/System Review — We review existing business processes and systems to identify immediate issues and data improvement opportunities, as well as longer-term issues related to policies and best practices.
  • Data Profiling and Analytics — We apply our proven technology to profile and analyze large and diverse sets of data to uncover inconsistencies, anomalies, and data flow problems.
  • Data Governance Strategy — We develop a practical and actionable plan to improve and manage the quality and integrity of enterprise data and information.
  • Data Remediation — We identify high priority issues, strategies and solutions that provide measurable improvements in the quality and usability of historic and contemporary information.
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