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Customer Acquisition & Retention

Effectively achieving a high rate of customer acquisition and retention is a hallmark of successful companies. Yet many companies are unable to access the essential information and tools necessary to attain customer acquisition and retention goals.

The FTI Consulting Insurance Practice addresses this issue through iSuite, our advanced tool set of business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions specifically designed to overcome barriers to information access and utility.

Customer Acquisition

Outperforming competitors in growing your customer base is greatly aided by gaining deep insight into differences in customer behavior that point to strategies for account rounding and new customer acquisition. These insights are only gained by the use of advanced, data-driven predictive analytics fit for purpose.

iSuite is specifically designed to access large, complex data stores, and capture and analyze all aspects of insurance customer behavior, including:

  • Identifying the most profitable and unprofitable consumer segments via segmentation modelling
  • Predicting customer behavior, such as sales likelihood, time of buy, customer lifetime value, cross sell and up sell response, attrition and retention probability
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