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Restructuring Advisory

The FTI Consulting Insurance Practice advises clients on restructuring related to a variety of requirements, including company turnarounds, and in the UK, Schemes of Operations, Part VII Transfers and Schemes of Arrangement.

Our turnaround services are focused on helping clients with business and operational strategies, organizational structures, and project management to achieve financial and operational objectives, including performance improvement

We advise clients on the content of Schemes of Operation required by the regulator. In particular we review the business, advise on the business assumptions required and assess their objectivity. We are able to provide financial modelling under differing scenarios and to advise on strategy for the business.

We have deep experience and knowledge of insurance and the regulatory and legal processes related to Part VII Transfers in various venues. We often serve as:

  • Independent experts, producing the required reports or analyzing the work of other experts
  • Consultants managing the process, or advising on aspects of matters such as cross border mergers, sale of portfolios, reorganization, and improvement in capital efficiency

FTI Consulting Insurance Practice executives have many years’ experience dealing with solvent Schemes of Arrangement. Our work has ranged from providing strategic advice, managing schemes and fulfilling the roles filled by independent professionals with relevant qualifications.

Our experience and expertise in the requirements and disciplines of restructuring serve to assist our clients in achieving their objectives quickly and thoroughly.

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