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Government Contracts

In an environment of shifting funding priorities and changing regulatory requirements, FTI Consulting supports clients through every critical stage of a government contractor’s life cycle. Specifically, we provide a wide array of advisory services that address strategic, financial, operational, reputational, regulatory and capital needs of large and small government contractors and subcontractors involved in industries such as aerospace, defense, manufacturing, services, healthcare, software and technology. Services include Operational & Performance Improvement, Compliance & Regulatory Solutions, Transaction M&A and Strategic Communications Advisory. Our Government Contracts team members have experience in the government contractor services industry, senior financial management in government agencies, and Big 4 accounting and consulting firms.

Our Industry Sectors

Operational & Performance Improvement

Provides rigorous analysis and a proprietary toolkit for fact-based decision making and lasting operational improvement… More

Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

Brings knowledge and experience to ensure compliance with both the letter and the spirit of government regulations and contract provisions… More

Transaction M&A

Provides a unique combination of financial and operational expertise through every critical stage of a transaction’s life cycle… More

Strategic Communications Advisory

Advises management on how to make more and better informed strategic decisions and to communicate business imperatives to achieve desired results… More

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