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Data Visualization and Dashboard Solutions

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October 13, 2016

Client finance, sales, and operations departments can access massive amounts of data within the organization but often lack the tools to leverage the data to gain insight into critical issues impacting the success of the business. FTI Consulting’s ability to efficiently mine and synthesize disparate data throughout the organization and create clear, detailed, and meaningful analytics provides clients with the ability to understand and act on areas of opportunity and improvement. FTI Consulting’s Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics (“FEDA”) team collaborates with the strategic client personnel to determine the critical Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) that truly drive or detract from operational and financial performance. FTI Consulting works with our clients to establish a culture of meaningful analytics measurement and reporting.

Following is a typical work flow for a data visualization/dashboard solution project.

Engaging Client Executives
FTI Consulting immediately engages client executives to garner support for the analytics projects and establish the strategy and purpose of the analytics. Gaining executive sponsorship is critical to the success of the project to set the tone. Following the executive lead, client team members at all levels understand the importance of the project and act with the required urgency. FTI Consulting teams with the executives to develop and refine the analytics strategy. With a clear strategy and purpose, the project will deliver analytics to monitor the company performance and ultimately drive success.

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