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Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance Services

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March 10, 2014

Executive compensation continues to be a hot button issue that is highly scrutinized and increasingly complex. Today’s executive compensation programs must address a company’s specific needs while balancing regulatory requirements (Dodd-Frank Act and SEC requirements), shareholder concerns and corporate governance standards. FTI Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance Solutions provides objective and strong advice to design and implement a comprehensive executive compensation program that attracts and retains top talent that effectively rewards and motivates management and employees for the right kind of performance while closely aligning the interests of employees with those of the company’s shareholders and investors.

Our Services

Competitive Compensation Review – Partner with Compensation Committees and management teams to perform a comprehensive review of competitive data and recommended changes, including for the following:

  • Base salary
  • Annual cash incentives
  • Long-term incentives
  • Benefits and perquisites
  • Pay mix
  • Employment and severance agreements
  • Pay philosophy and objectives
  • Equity dilution
  • Grant types
  • Board of directors compensation

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