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March 10, 2014

Executive compensation continues to be a hot button issue that is highly scrutinized and increasingly complex. Today’s executive compensation programs must address a company’s specific needs while balancing regulatory requirements (Dodd-Frank Act and SEC requirements), shareholder concerns and corporate governance standards. As your company aims to design and implement a comprehensive executive compensation program that attracts and retains top talent, partnering with a compensation consultant that truly understands both the real estate and compensation market becomes imperative. Through our exclusive focus on real estate and the drivers of success in the industry, we are able to serve as facilitators to our clients in creating tailored and balanced compensation programs that effectively reward and motivate management and employees for the right kind of performance while closely aligning the interests of employees with those of the company’s shareholders and investors.

Compensation Plan Design and Implementation Services

Annual Compensation Program Review – Partner with Compensation Committees and management teams to perform a comprehensive review of existing compensation programs and provide recommended changes based on an appropriate mix of each compensation element, the appropriate degree of leverage/volatility, potential accounting implications to the company, tax implications to the executives and the broader risk-reward profile that is appropriate in light of current business conditions. As part of our comprehensive review process, we prepare detailed benchmarking analyses based on public and proprietary data.

Annual Bonus Program Design – Prepare an in-depth analysis of and recommendations for all aspects of annual cash bonus plans, including objective vs. subjective performance criteria, establishing threshold, target and maximum payout levels and setting appropriate performance metrics that drive real performance.

Long-Term Compensation Program Design – Design custom LTI compensation programs that properly align the interests of management and shareholders, while also considering the advantages, disadvantages, vesting terms and accounting and tax treatment for a wide-range of equity compensation vehicles (i.e., options, restricted shares and performance shares).

Pay-for-Performance Plans – Design innovative pay-for performance programs (i.e., multiyear performance plans and outperformance programs) that may be subject to a variety of performance metrics, including “outperforming” the market, generating superior returns or exceeding internal performance goals.

Employment Agreement Review – Prepare in-depth analysis of and recommendations for employment contracts and severance/change of control arrangements in light of current industry and corporate governance standards and regulatory requirements.

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