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Fraud Detection and Investigations

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October 13, 2016

Business fraud is a growing issue in this challenging economic environment. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (“ACFE”) in 2008, U.S. organizations lose an estimated 7 percent of annual revenues to fraud. The growth in the complexity of financial systems and the globalization of business processes challenge any organization to prevent and detect fraud. FTI Consulting’s Financial and Enterprise Data Analytics (FEDA) practice has the experience and tools to mitigate fraud risk and to conduct investigations into potential fraudulent activity.

FTI Consulting is a leader in identifying, tracking, and investigating fraud in organizations. Its portfolio of products and services afford a vast array of tools and methodologies to mitigate the effects of fraud. FTI Consulting’s approach is to minimize the exposure to fraud throughout the enterprise and to aggressively investigate any allegations of fraud effectively and efficiently.

Service Overview
FTI Consulting’s Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics (“FEDA”) team delivers strategic business solutions for clients requiring in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational, and transactional data. This approach to managing large and disparate sources of information affords the opportunity to identify potential irregularities and patterns in the data which may indicate fraud.

The FEDA professionals’ business and technology experience allows them insight into the critical business processes where the risk of fraud is greatest. By understanding the sources of data and mapping the relationship between data in various systems and geographies, patterns emerge that may be signatures of fraudulent activity.

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