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Financial and Enterprise Data Analytics (FEDA)

December 30, 2013

The Financial and Enterprise Data Analytic (FEDA) team of FTI Consulting, bridges the gap between business and IT, providing a crucial service in today’s data-intensive businesses. The team typically works with large, structured data populations, enabling quantification and decision-making.

With data, we have no limits, whatever the volume, complexity or location.

We turn large, disparate sets of figures into simple consolidated insights – presenting them in visually compelling ways; clarifying issues, not confusing them. We provide in-depth analyses, identifying trends and uncovering unusual patterns that might signal financial crime or manipulation.

Our elite team combines its IT infrastructure knowledge with business, legal and regulatory experience in the context of litigation and investigation. We have real-world experience of minimising disruption to on-going operations both in terms of systems and personnel.

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