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September 22, 2015

FTI Consulting, as a leading independent consulting firm free of conflicts, is a preferred provider of critical services to financial institutions throughout the world. FTI Consulting has a proven track record of helping clients meet their governance requirements, ensuring that formal governance practices are implemented and properly executed; ensuring that clients are able to improve their oversight and understanding of their activities; and that they are not subject to adverse impacts of negative regulatory exams and enforcement actions.

Following the financial crisis, new international directives and domestic laws and regulations have significantly increased the scrutiny on governance practices within the banking industry. On the international front, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision released Corporate Governance Principles for Banks that encourages banks to strengthen their governance practices. On the domestic front, the Federal Reserve’s Enhanced Prudential Standards and similar guidelines such as the OCC’s Heightened Expectations for Large Banks provide examples of the governance standards being set for bank boards and management. These laws, regulations and standards have not only increased board and director responsibilities for overseeing the management of risk but they have increased board and director potential liability as well.

Who We Are
The FTI Consulting Bank Governance & Regulation practice is comprised of experienced professionals including former senior managers at bank regulatory agencies and financial institutions who have the expertise and experience to add value while addressing client and regulatory concerns. Our financial professionals are CPAs, attorneys, economists, forensic specialists, former bank examiners and other financial professionals with expertise in compliance, operations, enterprise risk management, financial and operational risk, accounting, information technology and strategic communications. Our team includes former staff members of the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, FDIC, SEC, Department of Justice and state Attorneys General.

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