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August 7, 2014

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The FTI Consulting’s Risk Management Practice is a leading provider of comprehensive, all hazards emergency management solutions for corporate clients, state and local government agencies, colleges and universities, and large public school systems. Our services address all the phases of emergency management, and are designed to help clients develop a sustained internal capacity to prevent and mitigate the likelihood of emergency incidents; prepare their organizations for those that may still take place; respond optimally to incidents that do occur; and recover from these crises physically and emotionally. Our work product focuses on the evolving duty of care that organizations have for the safety and security of their constituent populations.

Risk, Hazard, Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Current state assessments examine clients’ exposure and vulnerability to all hazards threatening life, property, assets and infrastructure. These analyses take into account occurrence probability, impact severity, and incident acceleration and duration – of natural hazards and meteorological events, and both intentional and unintentional man-made incidents. We conduct on-site inspections, staff interviews, security equipment, technology and infrastructure assessments, and CPTED analysis with licensed architects. Assessments include documentation, findings, considerations, recommendations and relative cost estimates – conveyed to counsel under attorney-client privilege – in written and photographic reports and personal presentations. Our team has successfully conducted thousands of assessments in the K-12 and higher education space.

Emergency Plan Review and Gap Analysis

FTI Consulting professionals review emergency and crisis management plans for scope, sufficiency, alignment with key standards and federal guidance and directives, good sector practices, and long term usability and viability. Analysis is informed by our risk assessments, 360° interviews with relevant internal staff and external first responder agencies, and document review – of incident history, policies, plans, procedures, practices, organization and training dynamics. Findings, reports and recommendations are provided through counsel under attorney-client privilege to protect clients’ legal rights.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Websites

We are a premier provider of comprehensive emergency/crisis management platforms to corporations, colleges and universities, state governments and large public school systems in the United States and internationally. Our plans are developed as rich, integrated websites that provide a single desktop or mobile dashboard for managing all elements of the client’s emergency management portfolio. These include organizational structure, communications, roles and responsibilities, emergency actions, emergency support functions, incident response, and emergency action plans necessary to support the intelligent creation of incident-specific action plans and to proactively entering into memoranda of understanding (MOU) with responsible public and private first responders, support organizations, and governmental agencies. Our consultants actively collaborate with our clients to develop this plan content, supplementing legacy policies and procedures with new, updated and standards-driven content.

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