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Integrated Revenue Solutions Revenue Cycle Overview

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November 18, 2013

Optimization of the Revenue Cycle process focuses on opportunities to improve cash flow while counteracting the economic challenges and healthcare reform changes. FTI Consulting is a market leader and thought leader in Revenue Cycle optimization resulting in organizations improving cash flow, enhancing processes and net receivables.

FTI Consulting’s Revenue Cycle optimization approach consistently produce significant cash acceleration and recurring financial benefits ranging from 3% to 5% of net income within 12 months.

FTI Consulting’s Integrated Revenue Cycle solution, including related clinical practices, applies a systematic approach to increasing net revenue and dollars to the bottom line. FTI Consulting’s team has significant experience across the continuum of the revenue cycle including patient access, denial management, coding, billing, information systems, and productivity and staffing benchmarks. Our outcomes focus on the following.

  • Patient Access – Fully integrated customer (patients, providers and families) centric focus to create seamless and unencumbered access to care while optimizing hospital reimbursement
  • Denial Management – Operationally focused denial prevention through root cause resolution and enhanced technology to drive organizational communication and resolution management
  • Coding and Documentation Integrity – Development of collaborative and multidisciplinary program supported by the convergence of consistent and common education of clinical documentation specialists, providers and coders
  • Revenue Integrity – Development, interface, and convergence of charge description master, departmental charge capture, ambulatory coding and charge auditing processes
  • Case Management, Clinical Resource Management and Patient Throughput – Model development and methods to enhance patient outcomes and reduce length of stay
  • Patient Financial Services – Enhanced technology and integrated dashboards to manage performance across revenue cycle

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