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September 20, 2011

FTI Consulting understands that preparing for trial is an intricate, daunting and costly process. Working with lawyers who try some of the most high-profile, large exposure cases in the country, our jury consultants are committed to providing cost effective and skillfully implemented research and consulting services that offer substantial benefit and clear direction.

A Combination of Research and Consulting Services that Support Positive Outcomes and Resolution
Our national Jury Consulting practice brings years of experience designing each research protocol with precision and forethought. We go beyond the data to investigate how jurors process your case information, juror perception and feelings about damages, and their comprehension of and reactions to exhibits, unfavorable evidence/testimony, and corporate citizenship.

Whether preparing witnesses to increase their confidence and persuasiveness, formulating well-honed juror questionnaires that reveal any bias and prejudice, or implementing a peremptory strategy that makes best use of each strike, FTI Consulting consultants perform and deliver with incisive skill, reliability and proven track records.

Our team works hand-in-hand with the trial team, including our graphics and trial technology consultants, building consensus and maximizing the opportunity for counsel to achieve the best outcome.

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