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October 1, 2013

FTI Consulting’s managed care industry experts support private equity, managed care companies, their counsel, lending groups, banks and other financial institutions with a full range of services designed to assist in mergers, acquisitions and other major transactions involving managed care entities. FTI Consulting professionals in the Health Solutions and Corporate Finance divisions are experienced in the M&A and transactional process from beginning to end including financial, operational and compliance risk-based due diligence, market analysis, financial evaluations and post transaction integration and assessment. FTI Consulting professionals can assist in the process with our extensive knowledge of all types of managed care and related entities including PBMs, behavioral health vendors and physician-based entities.

The level and size of mergers, acquisitions and other major transactions involving managed care companies and their related entities has skyrocketed in recent periods. FTI Consulting offers industry leading managed care experience and expertise with our broad array of professionals who have the ability to assist all parties to a large M&A or complex transaction best navigate the process and assess all of the necessary information essential to a successful outcome. FTI Consulting professionals can assist at all levels and stages of the transaction, from prospect identification, due diligence, and post transaction integration including ongoing review of operations.

Pre-Transaction Services
Large amounts of resources and time are necessary to conduct and execute large M&A transactions involving managed care entities. As such, great care must be taken to insure that the prospective transaction meets the needs and goals of the entities involved. FTI Consulting professionals provide pre-transaction services that assist clients meet these goals. These services include:

  • Comprehensive market assessment of potential acquisition or transaction targets in the managed care industry space;
  • Understanding of the regulatory environment and any impediments or advantages held by a potential target; and
  • Development of target listings and assessments for client review.

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