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August 8, 2014

The frequency and severity of natural and man-made risks faced by companies are continuing to increase globally and locally. Conducting business in an interconnected economy means that the impact of major risk events can be transmitted throughout an organization’s global value chain (or supply chain), leaving companies of all sizes exposed to potential harm. No longer are organizations able to operate in isolation from such events.

Meeting the Challenges

In facing these challenges, companies must continually seek ways to understand risks and their implications, and improve protection of their assets to mitigate adverse impact and create better resilience.

FTI Consulting has a long and proven track record of helping clients meet the challenges presented by operational risks. We help commercial, educational and governmental entities understand and respond to risks that threaten their physical plant, critical operating functions, and the people responsible for them, during the confusion of an unpredictable environment.

Our work is practical, standards-based, and aligns with key federal guidance. Engagements are facilitated by experienced professionals with top credentials, qualifications, and certifications in their fields of expertise, complemented with practical hands-on know-how from years in the field. Our services include Business Continuity Planning - Continuity of Operations Planning (BCP-COOP), Information Security Risk Management, and Emergency/Crisis Management Planning and Communications.

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