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Overview: Financial Enterprise Data Analytics

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October 13, 2016

Information has become one of the most valuable assets of any business today. Protecting and leveraging the data collected in the course of business has a dramatic impact on successful outcomes for the firm. The growing number of differing data sources maintained throughout the enterprise present challenging issues for management to consider. Simply reviewing documents and email is no longer a sufficient process for understanding data. The careful analysis of a growing number of sources of information, including financial and operations data, is necessary to understand the bigger picture.

FTI Consulting is the leader in unlocking information stored across the enterprise. FTI Consulting has long been the premier provider of traditional discovery services for the legal and compliance marketplace. FTI Consulting’s Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics (FEDA) practice has leveraged this expertise to understand and analyze information stored in transactional databases throughout the enterprise.

Service Overview
FTI Consulting’s Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics team delivers strategic business solutions to its clients. The FEDA team understands the complex relationships between various information sources and the impact they have on the operations of the business. Understanding the business processes generating the data is the first step in the design of the appropriate strategy to preserve, collect and analyze enterprise data.

Accurate understanding of transactional data, whether from an ERP system, a trading system or any other operational source, allows FEDA to model and design the appropriate solution to its clients. The information necessary to provide insight into the issues facing our clients vary from matter to matter. The FEDA methodology is not a “one size fits all” solution, but rather is a customized work plan to effectively and efficiently provide timely and relevant information in a format that fits the needs of the case.

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