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Receiver Examiner and Trustee Services

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

October 9, 2015

FTI Consulting has in-depth experience with the investigative, complex data analysis, asset tracing and forensic accounting needs of court-appointed Receivers, Examiners and Trustees. Our professionals have not only supported the work of Receivers, Examiners and Trustees, but we have also been appointed to work in that capacity. We understand the time-critical nature of implementing a plan of action, communicating with multiple constituencies, and managing the inherent complexity of such appointments. We also offer a complete range of electronic evidence capture and review tools that identify, preserve and collect relevant information and empower rapid analysis.

FTI Consulting is a leading global provider of multidisciplinary, independent investigative, forensic accounting, electronic evidence and complex data analysis services to Receivers, Examiners and Trustees. Our professional teams are comprised of former federal prosecutors, law enforcement officials, “Big 4”auditors and senior accountants from within the SEC’s Division of Enforcement and Office of the Chief Accountant; and are coupled with experts in computer forensics, financial enterprise data administration, network security and penetration testing.

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