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October 1, 2013

Now, more than ever, intelligent strategic thinking means concrete planning. Consider the uncertainty at play today. Healthcare reform is a reality. Credit is tight. Operational revenues are decreasing as highmargin elective procedures are being postponed. Workforce shortages impact operations and the bottom line. The capital investment ante keeps increasing to keep pace with technological innovations, standard of care and regulatory requirements. Investment portfolios can no longer be viewed as durable substitutes for strong operating margins. New competition abounds, from physicians’ offices equipped with new technologies to the dramatic growth of retail clinics. Hospitals are under unprecedented financial stress. Indeed, according to the American Hospital Association, more than half of America’s hospitals are now losing money. Only those healthcare organizations that engage in realistic, smart and forward-thinking actions will have the prowess required to meet the multiple challenges ahead.

FTI Consulting Delivers A Strategic Advantage
At FTI Consulting, strategic thinking is more than a “fuzzy” vision of the future or a longterm plan disconnected from the working realities of the present. Our Strategy and Planning Practice, led by former hospital executives, addresses both the pressing demands of the current marketplace and the discovery of long-term opportunities for growth. We believe your organization’s mission, core values, competencies and market realities should serve as the starting point for creating a strong competitive advantage.

We involve all stakeholders – medical staff, patients, board members, management and employees - in the process. Physician alignment is intrinsic to our approach. This is not topdown thinking, but an integrated approach linking the vital components of your organization – positioning, product/service design and execution, finance, operations, facilities, marketing and more – in a unified assessment and plan of action. We deliver measurable results, customized to your institution and supported by FTI Consulting’s analytics team and proprietary tools.

Long Term Planning That Makes An Immediate Impact
Strategy and planning services from FTI Consulting deliver immediate results by bringing a distinct focus to top-line growth, margin enhancement and understanding where science is driving patient care. For each service line or product, we can help you define the market, quantify demand, evaluate competitors, assess medical staff relations, and project margins and profitability based on current and anticipated capabilities. We can determine investment needs and identify non-core businesses for potential partnership or possible divesture.

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