Eurozone Crisis: Risk, Value, Opportunities

Perspective of C-Suite in North America, Asia & Middle East

The objective of this research initiative was to understand the opinions of C-Suite executives in the major EU trading countries of North America, Asia and the Middle East. In particular, FTI Consulting sought to understand the impact the EU crisis is having upon their businesses, opinions on key topics, likely scenarios and the opportunities presented to them.

The crisis in the Eurozone continues to dominate headlines around the world, with its implications reaching far beyond Europe’s borders. While it has proven to be a challenging operating environment for many governments and companies, unique opportunities are emerging that investors both in Europe and abroad will be able to exploit.

Non-European investors are alert to the opportunities the crisis is creating.

In this study, we draw on the experience of FTI Consulting as a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading companies, banks and investors, as well as our intimate knowledge of the European business environment to discuss some of the issues that corporations, large and small, should be considering to successfully negotiate their way through a hostile and ever-changing landscape.

We include some insights from a recent poll of global business leaders in which we asked for their opinions of the eurozone crisis. Conducted to help our clients with business interests in Europe better understand the plans and perceptions of overseas investors, the survey reveals that while politicians, bankers and even public opinion might have written off Europe’s prospects, those seeking value during these troubled times see the situation differently.

The Eurozone research was conducted online by the Strategy and Research Team at FTI Consulting from 9 to 16 January 2012 involving more than 800 C-suite executives.


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