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Family Enterprise Services

Every family office is unique in purpose, structure and governance. It functions in as many forms, shapes and sizes as do the families they serve. Family offices are structured to perform a wide range of services depending on the specific needs of the individual family members. A common thread that most family offices share is a sense of purpose. Family offices exist to prepare and support family members as they grow, manage and sustain their wealth throughout multiple generations.

Family Enterprise Defined
Many successful families often start with an entrepreneur who creates an ongoing operating concern, which usually evolves into trusts, holding companies, alternative investment vehicles, a family office and charitable foundations. This conglomeration of holdings frequently is referred to as a family enterprise.

The FTI Consulting Family Enterprise Services group is dedicated to identifying and solving complex issues with practical and effective solutions. Our professionals are accomplished accountants, analysts, researchers, financial advisors, investment bankers and lawyers, all of whom have firsthand experience with the challenges and complications facing highly successful individuals and families, as well as their businesses and foundations.

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