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A Sophisticated Approach to Activism

Support of Activist Investors

Activist investors that effectively communicate their value message to the market have a much greater chance of gaining institutional investor support and persuading their target company to take appropriate action.

We provide activist investors with the messaging and with media access to communicate their investment thesis as well as with detailed media plans that anticipate target company responses.

  • Financial, operational and commercial understandings on which an investment thesis is predicated need to be accurate in order to maintain credibility with investor bases.
  • In the face of what will likely be challenging arguments from the target company, missteps are costly:
    • FTI Consulting business analytics are world class and our industry expertise is broad and deep for almost any target acquisition.
    • Industry and operational know-how provide activist investors with “fuel” to fire their arguments.
  • Our public affairs experts can help activist investors diminish a target’s “advantage” in Washington but help develop federal and state regulatory strategies.

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