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Activist Tool Kit

The FTI Consulting Activist Tool Kit

FTI Consulting provides a variety of services to assist activist investors pursue their targets:

Operational Activism

  • Supplement their analytics and communications plans with granular detail on the changes it would make to yield value for the shareholders.
  • Provide detailed analysis of SG&A changes from an outside perspective that can yield immediate value.
  • Provide investigative services on both boards and management to flesh out related party transactions and backgrounds.

Balance Sheet Activism

  • Provide supporting analysis for possible leverage, analyze past company capital allocation decisions for real time errors in judgement, and provide true cash flow analysis to determine the true ability of a company to return cash to shareholders.

Transaction Oriented Activism

  • FTI Consulting can provide valuation services of the companies various divisions, products, real estate and intellectual property.
  • The firm provides analysis of the proposed transaction and uses valuation and benchmarking to provide support for a potential undervalued offer.

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