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Human Capital Performance

FTI Consulting recognizes that, in most cases, people are the difference between an organization’s success and failure. Whether a company is executing a structural/financial transformation, assessing cost optimization opportunities, improving internal controls or undertaking a pivotal information technology implementation initiative, people can be the greatest asset or, conversely, the highest risk.

Our Human Capital Performance solution focuses on helping companies and chief financial officers (CFO) get the most out of their people. With expertise in talent management, organizational design, change management and strategic communications, we are uniquely positioned to help CFOs build winning finance teams. Our focus is to place the right person in the right job and to establish the foundation for a sustainable organization.

Achieving the Transformation for Which You Are Paying
Cutting-edge companies (and their CFOs) know the key to building a sustainable competitive advantage lies in a culture of continuous improvement and change. While some organizations set out to develop more efficient processes and implement increasingly effective financial systems, many of these initiatives fall short or fail altogether. Why? Companies frequently neglect to make the corresponding investment in their people to enable their success.

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Partnering with Human Resources to Build Winning Finance Teams
The strength of a financial organization should not be measured only by its financial systems or business processes but also by the effectiveness and quality of its people. Finance teams must develop partnerships throughout the company and provide the financial discipline, analysis and insights to drive performance and strategy. Building and structuring a finance organization with this mindset and these capabilities are not easy tasks and not something that can be outsourced to human resources. It is one that requires significant ownership by finance leaders and strong partnership with human resources.

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Client Success Stories

  • Facilitated key talent review workshops and implemented succession planning for a global accounting organization.
  • Led conceptual design and realignment efforts to improve the performance of an international finance team in the United Kingdom.
  • Implemented leadership communications programs to increase team member engagement for the chief accounting officer of a large accounting organization.
  • Executed team-building events and transformation strategy communications to integrate 40 new team members to an organization preparing for an initial public offering.

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