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Mergers and acquisitions. Significant growth and expansion. Global market changes. Initial public offerings.

Each of these events raises a company’s financial stakes, makes decision making more complex and usually requires modification to the existing treasury organization. Decisions and solutions must succeed as planned … at the very first attempt.

With deep capital markets, corporate treasury and communications experience, the Office of the CFO Solutions team at FTI Consulting works collaboratively with the chief financial officer (CFO)/treasurer to establish a framework that will provide success, particularly during a transaction or transformation.

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A Value-Enhancing Framework
Almost overnight, the 2008 credit crisis intensified the focus on liquidity and capital, driving currency and other financial risk management and compliance requirements to the forefront. Events like this have forever changed the role of CFOs and treasurers. Today, the treasurer must take a more strategic role, providing greater insight into the company’s return proposition vs. operational risk. The most serious challenge emerges when the current treasury organization is not structured in a way that provides a framework for:

  • Managing risk holistically while maximizing investment returns and minimizing idle funds.
  • Supervising and forecasting liquidity and funding needs accurately.
  • Establishing the right policies, procedures and governance to protect financial assets in response to changing business strategies, conditions and external market factors.
  • Implementing, integrating and optimizing technology to enable proactive and data-driven decision making, supported by strong finance performance management tools.
  • Building relationships with external funding partners to ensure adequate financial requirements are met with reasonable terms and costs.
  • Proactively supporting the operations as a strong business partner.

In the role as trusted advisor, FTI Consulting enables value creation by providing strategy, direction and support to the treasury organization. We identify and assess operational gaps and, most important, work alongside the CFO/treasurer to establish a platform that will result in success and long-term sustainability.

We provide the advice and leadership that clients need in complex offerings and refinancings. Our professionals design and implement world-class cash forecasting and asset management tools to minimize risk, maximize return and ensure that proper controls are in place, leveraging our Strategic Communications and Human Capital Performance teams to offer transformational support and training.

Client Success Stories

  • Built a global treasury function and managed cash activities for a $5 billion carve-out acquisition of an international chemical company lacking treasury infrastructure.
  • Redesigned cash forecasting processes and led liquidity enhancement initiatives for a global residential mortgage company.
  • Assumed interim treasurer role and rapidly transferred cash management operations and financing requirements and increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes for a $1 billion direct-to-market apparel retailer.
  • Designed and implemented a comprehensive liquidity forecasting and reporting process within the treasury organization of a regulated banking institution.
  • Created cash management and debt reporting procedures for a global financial institution to comply with new debt covenant requirements.
  • Implemented an updated bank account management system and flow of funds with more than 5,000 bank accounts for a global residential mortgage company.

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