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Keith K. Lee

  • Director
  • T: +852 3768 4594
  • F: +852 3012 9664
    • Level 22, The Center
    • 99 Queen's Road Central
    • Central
    • Hong Kong
    • T: +852 3768 4500
    • F: +852 3012 9664

Keith K. Lee is a Director in the Forensic Accounting and Advisory Services of FTI Consulting and he is based in Hong Kong. Until 2000, Mr. Lee primarily focused on the area of corporate recovery but, since 2005, Mr. Lee has specialised in forensic accounting and fraud investigation.

Mr. Lee commenced his career at a Hong Kong CPA auditing practice, before moving to a top-tier accounting firm. In addition to his statutory audit and corporate recovery services experience, Mr. Lee specialises in the forensic accounting arena including economic loss and damage quantification, fraud investigation, funds and assets tracing and recovery, litigation support and transaction tracing and analysis.

Mr. Lee’s experience includes the investigation and reporting of an asset misappropriation by the former management of a group of overseas listed companies, and assisting the current management to recover such misappropriated assets with value over HK$2 billion.  He was also involved in the investigation of various frauds at a listed company in Hong Kong, including assisting in the director and professional negligence claims and mediation matters.

Mr. Lee’s industry experience includes manufacturing, trading, property and investment advisory.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Lee was an assistant manager of Ferrier Hodgson.

Mr. Lee is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Practicing Accountant in Australia and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Professional Experience

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Audit Negligence Review: Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Limited (In Liquidation) – Major tasks included:

  • Court examination of the company’s treasurer;
  • Performed an analysis of sales and receipts of fictitious customers;
  • Undertook funds tracing to establish the source of the receipts from the fictitious customers;
  • Document management;
  • Document discovery;
  • Preparation of adjusting entries in order to restate the financial statements of the company and its major subsidiaries for litigation purposes;
  • Assisted in the mediation process; and
  • Assisted with the legal claims against the company’s former executive and non-executive directors.

Financial Restatement: Peace Mark (Holdings) Limited - Performed an analysis of fictitious transactions. Further, prepared the adjusting entries required to reverse the false accounting and fictitious transactions, in order to restate the financial statements of both the company and the group.

Expert Accountant Assignment:  Broker and funds management company – Reviewed the books and records to quantify non-company expenses incurred by a former director. Prepared an investigation report on the findings for use in potential litigation.

Expert Accountant Assignment: HKSAR v Chu Chien Tung & Ors - Performed an examination and analysis of the funds flow between Tungda Innovative Lighting Holdings Limited (“Tungda”), a Hong Kong GEM Board listed company, and the top management and an employee of Tungda. Further, prepared a report to opine on the manner in which the purported sales by Tungda to overseas buyers were settled.

Expert Accountant Assignment: Investigated and reported on the misappropriation of assets by the former management of a group of overseas listed companies.

Matrimonial Dispute: Performed an investigation and quantification of the assets, liabilities, income and expenditure in several matrimonial dispute cases.

Fraud Investigation: Performed an investigation and quantification of unrecorded sales and purchase transactions relating to inventory in a company under liquidation.

Fraud Investigation: Performed an investigation and quantification of the undeclared personal expenses of a director of a Hong Kong company.

Fraud Investigation: Investigated the funds flow for fictitious sales and receipts transactions of a Hong Kong listed company.

Valuation: Assisted in preparing a valuation report on motor vehicle battery patents of a Hong Kong listed company.

Language skills

Cantonese – Native

English – Fluent

Software skills

MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint

Accounting Software – SAP and SUN

Relationship Mapping Software – I2 Analyst’s Notebook

Data Analysis Software – IDEA

Document Management System – Ontrack Inview and Ringtail®

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