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We understand that each e-discovery request comes with unique requirements. Whether you need to navigate data privacy regulations, handle unique data types, review documents in multiple languages or produce the same document to multiple jurisdictions, we can help. You can choose the software, services or a combination of both to meet your specific needs at any stage of e-discovery, from information management through production.

Our Services

Ringtail® — Case management and document review software

AcuitySM — Managed e-discovery and document review with a single point of project accountability

FTI Investigate — Mobile e-discovery for on-site investigations

Identification, Preservation & Collection — Defensible strategies to forensically collect and analyze data

Data Processing — Rapid processing and analysis of data in the early stages of an investigation or litigation

Review & Production — Flexible solutions for cost reduction in legal review

Trial Support — Litigation and in-trial consulting, including expert testimony

With offices in every major business center, we can quickly respond to e-discovery requests anywhere in the world. Learn more at ftitechnology.com

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