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FTI Women’s Initiative

Group of Women for FTI WIN Global Steering Committee
FTI WIN Global Steering Committee

At FTI Consulting, our goal is to attract, hire, acquire, develop and, most importantly, retain the best and most talented people in the world. As our company continues to grow, we remain focused on building and maintaining a strong culture of diversity and inclusion.

"FTI Consulting has a strong commitment to creating an environment that encourages and enables women to reach their full potential and become practice builders and leaders. The FTI WIN program ‎is both a global and local network aimed at creating strong communities, opportunities to learn and chances to make a difference."

Carlyn Taylor, FTI WIN Global Steering Committee Chair, Global Industry Leader

Through FTI Consulting's Women’s Initiative (“FTI WIN”), we offer career training, professional development, mentorship, networking and community outreach opportunities across the globe to empower our female professionals to reach their highest potential in their careers and develop best-in-class leadership capabilities.

The FTI WIN community is supported by our company's senior leadership and is established in all of our major offices around the globe, targeting our female professionals at all levels within the firm.

Our Mission
To develop, promote and empower our female professionals and position FTI Consulting as an employer of choice for highly talented women.


“FTI WIN is a tremendous way to interact and collaborate with our colleagues, both women and men, across the globe and our many businesses. This program is key to the advancement of diversity at FTI Consulting as we look to further enhance the culture of our great firm.”

Holly Paul, FTI WIN Global Steering Committee, Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Goals

  • Increase the representation of women in senior leadership positions and in critical decision-making and planning.
  • Support and drive professional development of our female talent, including through networking with our women clients, women in finance and women executives, and through our sponsor-led Managing Director Transformation Leadership program training.
  • Retain and attract high-potential women to develop a pipeline of female talent.
  • Improve FTI Consulting as a place for successful women and men to build long-term careers by encouraging and supporting work-life integration.
  • Build a global FTI WIN community, including female and male advocates to support the success of the initiative.

FTI Womens Initiative

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