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Media & Entertainment

Responding to dramatic shifts in consumer viewing behavior, media distribution platforms and ad revenue, media and entertainment organizations turn to FTI Consulting for our niche expertise. Around the globe, our senior professionals assist content production and distribution companies, broadcasters, networks, investors, and lenders with advanced programming models and strategies, operations enhancement and advice on acquisition of content rights. Clients benefit from our collaborative approach — we partner with them to design end-to-end workflows that drive financial and operational results and facilitate enhanced consumer experiences. We’re widely known to have the most comprehensive, accurate information about content production, operations and libraries in the world.

Areas of Expertise

Branded Entertainment (Television & Radio)

Responding to dramatic changes in consumer viewing behavior as well as evolving sources of ad revenue, broadcasters and networks engage us for our unique combination of strategic, financial, operational and industry expertise. Across the world, our professionals have assisted companies, investors, and lenders assess and improve programming, original production, ad sales, digital strategy, digital distribution and monetization, trafficking, broadcast operations, finance, information technology and valuation.

Content (Film, TV & Music)

Our client engagements touch virtually every aspect of the global entertainment industry today. Clients rely on us because we understand the implications of changing distribution platforms and how to assess the strategies, processes, procedures and practices that help a company realize its value proposition. Working on behalf of companies, investors and creditors, we have deep experience across the broader industry and expertise in film, TV and music content. A major dimension of our team’s experience is valuing and advising on the positioning and structuring of transactions where intellectual property rights are a key driver of value.

MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors)

With an in-depth knowledge of content origination, carriage and delivery across media platforms around the world, our professionals have a deep understanding of the operational, technological, financial and customer retention and acquisition issues facing cable, broadband network and over-the-top providers. Combining this expertise with our strong foundation as content strategists, we understand how these segments interrelate, both now and in the future. Clients trust us to help them protect and enhance their enterprise value as they confront changing technologies, consumer behavior and markets.

Video Gaming

To support strategic decision making and help gaming companies prosper in an industry that’s always changing, our team brings their deep knowledge of the key strategic, operational and financial issues facing video game developers and distributors. We have demonstrated success supporting both developer and publisher management in improving operational and financial performance. In addition, our assessments of games and studios have provided critical sell-side M&A support for the sale of multiple titles and for the various related IP issues.

How We Help

Forecasting, Valuation & Transaction Advisory

Our valuation experts understand the complexities of forecasting assets and businesses in dynamic markets across industries. Clients benefit from the depth of financial analysis, industry insight and practical experience we bring to all our valuation and advisory projects. We’ve advised on more than 1,000 entertainment and media projects representing more than $130 billion in asset value across the filmed entertainment, television content, music, video game and new media sectors.

Interim Management

Most organizations will inevitably face operational, financial, strategic and market-driven challenges, but if these challenges are not handled optimally, they will lead to loss of investor support and confidence. Owners and investors around the globe rely on FTI Consulting for interim management through critical periods such as turnaround scenarios, or to achieve specific business goals.

Boards of directors and executive teams trust our interim managers to lead the way. Our professionals are highly credentialed, having sat in C-level and senior executive roles themselves, and they understand how to quickly adapt to reduce costs, improve liquidity, manage risk, and communicate effectively with stakeholders in various parts of the entertainment industry. Clients often engage us for short-term initiatives that require a highly skilled, fully staffed interim management team to execute quickly on a business plan. Other engagements are long term and require one or more senior professionals with specific skills.

Merger & Acquisition Integration/Carve Outs

As expectations for value creation in M&A transactions become more transparent, management is being pressured more than ever to deliver synergies quickly. Different types of acquisitions require different responses from management, but they all benefit from advisory from M&A integration experts who also know the industries. Our senior specialists have expertise in every major industry and have completed hundreds of successful integrations. We partner with management to ensure best practices are adopted, customer experience is maintained, and analytics and culture are focused on.

Profitability Improvement

Clients benefit from our performance improvement approaches, which include revenue enhancement, efficiency and cost controls. We assess key operating metrics that drive value, as well as processes and procedures that impact decision making. We’re also adept at evaluating external trends that influence revenues. Let us help you develop and implement tailored strategies and processes that improve results.


Our team’s financial expertise, bankruptcy and reorganization skills, and in-depth, industry-specific operational experience has made us world-renowned for assessing operations, restructuring debt, resolving balance sheet issues, stabilizing overleveraged companies, and maximizing value. Clients rely on us to help them conserve cash, manage working capital and improve liquidity with services such as:

  • Stakeholder negotiation
  • Divestiture analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Debtor-in-possession and exit financing options

Strategic Communications

A broad range of organizations and companies in the media and entertainment industries, from start-ups to multinationals, engage our strategic communications team — one of the top-rated and largest in the world. Our clients benefit from the team’s relationships with key influencers to provide a comprehensive suite of integrated communications services, including:

  • Corporate communications and employee communications
  • Financial communications
  • Public and government affairs
  • Marketing communications and creative engagement
  • Strategy research and consulting
  • Crisis management and issues management

Strategy Development & Implementation

An in-depth knowledge of content origination, networks, carriage and delivery across media platforms around the world allows our team to help you identify and capitalize on business opportunities. Having worked in the media and entertainment industries ourselves, we have a thorough understanding of the strategic, operational, technological, financial and customer acquisition and retention issues facing cable and satellite operators, broadband network and over-the-top providers. Combining this expertise with a strong foundation in content strategies, we understand how entertainment segments interrelate today and how they will in the future.

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