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Network technology changes, adoption of cloud-based services, industry consolidation, and the threat of cable entrants have pushed telecom companies to align strategy and operations in order to succeed. These companies and their stakeholders rely on FTI Consulting for strategic, operational and financial advisory solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value through sales force effectiveness, service delivery optimization, customer profitability improvement and more. Clients tell us that our approach is unique — our senior experts work side-by-side as partners with our clients to deliver practical solutions. We provide recommendations honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over of years of industry experience.

Areas of Expertise

Data Centers & Managed Services

Dozens of wireless service buyers and sellers, satellite operators, tower operators and equipment manufacturers around the world have worked with our team for decades to draw on our unique combination of strategic, financial and operational expertise. Our professionals leverage their wireless telecom experience to assess the key factors that drive (or detract from) value. Using a data- and metrics-based approach, we evaluate the viability of a business plan, determine strategic alternatives, articulate a value proposition, or recommend and implement performance improvement tactics.


Advances in satellite technology, launch and service delivery are compelling industry participants to adapt to change at a faster pace than ever before. Barriers to entry are falling and new business models are emerging as satellites play an expanded role in delivering broadband, entertainment and connectivity. Concerns over supply and demand imbalances are leading to price compression and uncertainty about the level of future revenue growth. These changes can lead to increased business risks as well as opportunities to rethink business models, explore new partnerships, improve performance and reassess capital structures. Our team’s satellite industry and functional expertise allows us to provide strategic, financial and operational advisory services that help companies and their stakeholders succeed with the opportunities and challenges that confront them.


For more than a decade, our team has provided a unique combination of strategic, financial and operational expertise to many wireless service buyers and sellers, satellite operators, tower operators and equipment manufacturers around the globe. Leveraging our wireless telecom experience, we assess the key factors that drive or detract from value. Taking a data- and metrics-based approach, we evaluate the viability of business plans, determine strategic alternatives, articulate value propositions, or recommend and implement performance improvement tactics.


For decades, our team has assisted wireline companies, equity holders and creditors through good times and bad throughout the developed and developing world. Working with a broad range of service providers — including incumbent, competitive and rural local exchange carriers, fiber-based carriers, cable operators, and data centers — we apply a unique combination of strategic, financial and operational expertise to assess key factors that affect value. We use a data- and metrics-based approach to evaluate business plan viability, identify strategic alternatives, create value propositions, or develop and implement performance improvement strategies.

How We Help

Big Data Analytics

Complex financial systems and globalization of business processes challenge organizations to preserve and analyze transactional data, so they can identify relevant transactions specific to a litigation and prevent and detect fraud. When they require in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data, clients engage our professionals — respected experts in technology, statistics, finance, financial modeling, forensic accounting and the law. We have extensive experience in the managing and mining of large, complex information to provide data to solve business problems common among telecom, media and technology (TMT) companies. We produce simple but detailed visualizations from complex data sources, making it easier to identify issues, trends and abnormalities.

Customer Profitability & Performance Improvement

Clients benefit from our approach to performance improvement that includes revenue enhancement in addition to cost controls and efficiency. Let us help you evaluate key operating metrics that drive value, processes and procedures that impact decision making, and evaluate external trends that influence revenues. Armed with facts and our experience in best practices, we develop and help implement appropriate strategies and processes to improve results.

Due Diligence

Our transaction advisory experts — senior practitioners and dedicated teams with specific industry expertise — offer a forward-looking perspective and track record of success across the entire transaction life cycle. Whether representing buyers, sellers or lenders, we offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. As a global consulting firm known for success in high-profile, high-stakes transactions, we help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.

Interim Management

The challenges that companies face may be strategic, operational, financial or market driven, but, inevitably, they will lead to loss of investor support and confidence if the challenges are not handled optimally. Investors and owners engage us for interim management assistance through critical periods or to achieve specific critical goals. Our interim managers have extensive experience advising and collaborating with boards of directors and executive teams to succeed in an interim management or turnaround scenario.

In addition, our turnaround and crisis management teams represent a broad array of experience covering the entire C-suite. They know how to adapt quickly to manage risk, reduce costs, improve liquidity and communicate effectively with stakeholders in various parts of the entertainment industry.

Many engagements are short term, requiring a fully staffed, highly skilled interim management team to execute quickly on a business plan. Others are long term and require one or two professionals with specific, identified skills.

Investment Banking

Clients lean on our deep telecom industry experience, company-specific financial and operational knowledge and execution expertise to identify value drivers and risks critical to a transaction outcome. We have been distinguished among financial advisors for assisting clients in the development of business plans and financial forecasts to consummate M&As and financing transactions. Potential buyers, sellers and financing sources count on our analyses and valuation estimates in a way few investment bankers can match.

Through our FINRA-regulated investment banking subsidiary, FTI Capital Advisors, LLC, we leverage knowledge of our clients and their markets. Our professionals provide insight and answers that drive value and overcome obstacles to help complete sale, acquisition and capital raise transactions and to provide valuation and fairness opinions.

Litigation Support

Top law firms and corporations around the globe rely on our complete suite of litigation support and investigative, consulting and expert witness services. Our team of telecom experts includes certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, valuation experts and insolvency professionals, among others, with expertise in networked industries, antitrust and intellectual property.

Utilizing our deep telecom industry experience and our financial and operational know-how, we understand complex situations quickly and articulate critical issues clearly in writing and in the witness box. As a result, we have been directly involved in some of the most historic, high-stakes cases of the last decades.

Merger & Acquisition Integration/Carve Outs

Pressure on management to deliver synergies quickly is growing, as expectations for value creation in M&A transactions become more transparent. While different types of acquisitions require different responses from management, they all benefit from expert-driven advisory from specialists who know the industry and the M&A integration process. With expertise in all major industries and experience in hundreds of integration projects, our specialists partner with management to ensure adoption of best practices, maintaining continuity of customer experience, and focus on analytics and culture.


Clients benefit from our approach to restructuring that combines industry-specific knowledge plus bankruptcy and reorganization skills. For years, our firm has led the restructuring league tables consistently, thanks to our team’s in-depth, industry-specific operational experience and world-class financial expertise. Clients trust us because of our highly respected track record of stabilizing overleveraged companies, resolving balance sheet issues, assessing operations, restructuring debt and maximizing value to constituents.

Let our seasoned restructuring experts help you improve liquidity, conserve cash and manage working capital through services that include:

  • Business plan assessment contingency planning
  • Stakeholder negotiation
  • Divestiture analysis
  • Debtor-in-possession and exit financing options

Sales Force Effectiveness

Clients benefit from our approach to sales effectiveness that combines strategy, process and employee empowerment to create lasting improvements. We assess skills, training, productivity, organizational processes and compensation to drive best-in-class performance as appropriate for each sales force, with changes reaching down to impacted employees.

Service Delivery Optimization

As the industry and technology continue to evolve, there’s more pressure on telecommunications providers to deliver customer services better and better. In many cases, however, industry consolidation has created inefficient and untenable operating environments that make it more difficult to do so. Leveraging experience gained with hundreds of different telecom companies, our firm’s service delivery optimization methodology balances the requirements of operational efficiency and customer experience.

Strategic Communications

Our world-renowned strategic communications team includes telecom industry experts who have extensive experience representing a broad range of organizations and companies, from startups to multinationals. Our clients benefit from the team’s relationships with key influencers to provide a comprehensive suite of integrated communications services, including:

  • Corporate and employee communications
  • Financial communications
  • Public affairs
  • Creative engagement
  • Strategy consulting and research
  • Crisis communications

Strategy Review, Development & Implementation

Clients rely on our team’s in-depth knowledge of wireline and wireless networks; fiber, broadband, satellite and cable operations; content delivery networks; and over-the-top platforms of telecom companies around the world. Our professionals come from within the industry and, as a result, have a thorough understanding of the strategic, operational, technological, financial and customer acquisition and retention issues facing telecom providers. We can quickly mobilize a team of resources around the world to respond to client needs.


With thousands of transactions completed, our valuation experts understand the complexities of analyzing assets and businesses in both dynamic and declining markets. We bring a unique depth of financial and practical experience to all our valuation engagements. By leveraging our significant industry expertise, we also specialize in assessing the value of intellectual property and intangible assets.

Valuation: Wireless Spectrum

Buyers have leaned on our experts in numerous recent spectrum auctions throughout the world, providing valuations, competitive assessments and regulatory support in advance of the auction. In the U.S., when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiates wireless spectrum auctions, our spectrum experts work with carriers and broadcasters that are interested in buying and/or selling spectrum. We follow the National Broadband Plan and the anticipated broadcast spectrum auctions, utilizing our related international experience.

FTI Capital Advisors, LLC (member FINRA/SIPC) is the wholly owned investment banking subsidiary of FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN).

FTICA is registered with FINRA in the United States and engages in securities transactions pursuant to that registration. In non-US securities transactions, FTICA may be required to work with securities dealers registered in other countries.

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