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Wake Up! Reforming the EU ETS: Comparative Evaluation of the Different Options

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Smokestack CarbonIn light of the current debate on the reform of the EU’s carbon Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and the renewed push for decarbonisation following the Paris climate agreement, this report explores the various policy options to strengthen the EU ETS.

The objective of the study has been to provide some fact based evidence to highlight the urgency to reform the ETS if Europe wants to meet its climate commitments, and to provide a set of indicators to discuss the pros and cons of different options for reform of the ETS. The study models the impact of the current European Commission proposal for reform of the ETS on a number of key indicators (such as the carbon price and the emission trajectory). In addition, the study provides a quantitative analysis of a number of alternative options for reform that have been proposed by a range of stakeholders.

The study is sponsored by 7 energy companies (EDF, ENEL, EDP, ENGIE, Fortum, Iberdrola, CEZ).

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