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Options for the Future of Power System Regional Coordination


Entsoe WindmillsThe ongoing transformation of the electricity industry with the development of decentralised generation, storage, smart grids and active consumer participation, together with the implementation of the Internal Energy Market, are having a significant impact on the functioning of the European power system – and more specifically on system operations. Gradually adapting to these changes, transmission system operators are rolling out – in application of the draft system operation guideline – Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs). Substantial benefits for system operation are expected from the roll-out of RSCs and, more generally, from the implementation of the guidelines and network codes.

In the recent initiative on the Energy Union, the European Commission (EC) has been working on a package of proposals aimed at addressing some of the issues associated with energy security and the internal energy market (the “Winter Package” published at the end of 2016). Amongst other topics, the EC has been investigating various options to strengthen coordination between TSOs.

In this context, ENTSO-E has commissioned an independent study from FTI-CL Energy in order to assess future options with regard to the coordination of system operators in Europe. Our report (i) presents the state of play and recent developments regional coordination of system operations, (ii) assesses the main high level coordination options that are being discussed at the moment, in a high level manner, and (iii) suggests an approach to efficiently enhance regional coordination, both for system operation and for policy and regulation.

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