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Study on the Role of Gas in Belgium’s Future Energy System


The policy debate on possible pathways towards a reliable and decarbonised energy system in Belgium raises key issues regarding the enabling technologies and necessary policy measures.This highlights a need for robust “end-to-end” assessment of alternative energy transition pathways. 

In this context, the study addresses a set of questions related to the potential role of gas in Belgium’s energy transition: Could gas be an enabler for the energy transition in some sectors? Could green gas (biogas, Power-to-Gas) facilitate the energy transition in some sectors?

To answer these questions, the study complements existing prospective studies on Belgium’s energy transition by modelling the potential contribution of gas and existing technology options using gas in the residential, transport and industrial sectors. The potential of different technologies is evaluated through a multi-criteria analysis.

The study concludes that (i) the direct use of gas is efficient in a number of sectors to decarbonize and reduce local pollution whilst leveraging existing technologies and an affordable gas infrastructure; and (ii) gas can play a decisive role as an enabler of an efficient energy transition and may become a sustainable source of energy in the longer term thanks to green gas.

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