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  • Analysis of the CO2 Power Emission Factor for Indirect Compensation Related to the EU ETS

    Compass Lexecon performed an independent analysis on the emission factor evolution as mandated by UNIDEN.

  • Are Opportunity Zones Truly an “Opportunity” for Renewables?

    Owners and investors have continued to seek avenues for enhanced project returns, the concept of Opportunity Zones has gained increasing focus.

  • Preliminary Turbine OEM Rankings for 2017

    FTI Intelligence released its preliminary rankings for the world’s top five wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

  • Innovative Financing of Offshore Wind

    In this report, we explore the extent to which offshore wind power qualifies as an infrastructure asset and how this will provide access to deeper pools of money for both debt and equity.

  • Global Wind Market Update 2017 - Supply Side Analysis

    FTI Intelligence released its Supply Side Analysis, part one of its Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2017 report.

  • Global Wind Market Update 2017 - Demand Side Analysis

    Following a 15% drop in global new installations in 2016, negative growth continued in 2017.

  • U.S. Renewables M&A: 2018 Review and Outlook for 2019

    Despite policy challenges in the U.S. renewable energy sector during 2018, demand for renewable energy platforms and project assets remained strong.

  • Clean Energy

    FTI Intelligence clean energy publications concentrate on the evolving renewable energy market, with a focus on wind, solar, and small hydro technologies. Our research delivers a powerful combination of strategic insight and reliable market forecasts for both established and emerging markets, as well as across all technology platforms.

  • Study of a Carbon Price Floor in European Countries: Analysis of Power Market and Consumer Impacts

    In this report, we assess the EU ETS price outlook and the resulting progress against EU objectives, and identify the possible contribution of a carbon price floor to an accelerated decarbonisation of the power sector.

  • Study on the Role of Gas in Belgium’s Future Energy System

    The policy debate on possible pathways towards a reliable and decarbonised energy system in Belgium raises issues regarding technologies and policy measures.

  • Pathways to 2050: The Role of Nuclear in a Low-Carbon Europe

    FTI Intelligence publishes a study commissioned by FORATOM on the contribution of nuclear to the EU’s low-carbon targets.

  • Carbon

    The European carbon market service provides regular coverage and key strategic insights on the European Trading Scheme (ETS). By putting a price on carbon, the ETS has placed climate change on the agenda of company boards and their financial departments across Europe.

  • EU Power & Gas Markets

    The European Power & Gas intelligence service provides a “one-stop-shop” resource for subscribers seeking critical market, operator and transaction information in the European power and gas sectors. The service allows operators and investors to identify key risks and opportunities in the different European countries.

  • All Reports

    FTI Intelligence provides a combination of comprehensive stand-alone industry reports, regular research notes, databases and surveys, and specialist reports on emerging themes.

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    To learn more about our service offerings and industry expertise frequently asked questions (FAQs), visit our FTI Intelligence FAQs page.

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    FTI Intelligence serves clients in both the public and private sectors across the energy spectrum and around the globe.

  • About FTI Intelligence

    FTI Intelligence provides a clean energy subscriptions service. This service is a series of data-driven publications evaluating competitive markets, policy, finance, technology and business models across the energy spectrum.

  • Research

    FTI Intelligence market research publications provide detailed insight into the clean energy and the EU gas and power markets.

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