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  • 5 Ways to Build Resilience in The Workplace

    Business leaders are taught to think 3 steps ahead. But what happens when a global pandemic breaks out and organizations can no longer act proactively?

  • Impact of Brexit on HR and the Workforce

    The shape of Brexit remains unclear. Many HR teams are focusing their efforts on addressing uncertainty while planning for post-Brexit scenarios.

  • Restructure

    Brexit is an opaque process, more political than commercial in its outlook so far.

  • People

    Business has come to increasingly rely on the free movement of its work force across the European Union, to create a flexible employment market.

  • Trade

    As the UK Government and the EU27 progress phase 2 of the Brexit negotiations, focus shifts to the trading relationship between the two.

  • Engage

    Brexit cannot be ignored. Your ability to remain outside of the political discussions may not be possible once the commercial implications are made public.

  • Influence

    While Europe is on countdown to March 2019 when the UK will officially leave the EU, a potential transition period is still under negotiation.

  • Intelligence

    Keeping up to speed with the latest developments and being able to anticipate future developments is vital to making informed decisions for your business.

  • Impact

    Having credible evidence to guide your business planning, investment decisions and any public outreach will be essential.

  • Meet our Experts

    Meet our Experts

  • Insights & Updates

    Our Brexit Insights & Updates

  • Brexit

    Brexit represents the biggest disruption to business in a generation and will affect every business across all industries and sectors.

  • Our Services

    Our Services

  • Developing Resilience and Well Being in a Time of Significant Change

    The compliance team at one of the world’s leading global asset management firms is going through a period of significant challenge and far-reaching change.

  • Bespoke Offsite Event For a Wealth and Asset Management Firm

    We worked closely with the client to design a bespoke offsite event in Lisbon to impact the way they communicate and maximise every meeting they attend.

  • COVID-19 Webinars

    Relevant COVID-19 webinars by FTI Consulting subject matter experts. Each focuses on a specific area of interest within the topic of COVID-19.

  • New Era of Investigations: Government Stimulus Funding and Global Enforcement

    FTI Consulting's Nicole Wells and David Okhumale join Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila for a discussion on US and ex-US enforcement activity.

  • COVID-19: Weekly UK Public Affairs Round-up

    Summary of the latest key COVID-19 measures announced by the UK Government at the latest Prime Minister’s Number Ten Press Conference.

  • IWIRC’s Woman of the Year 2016 - Carlyn Taylor

    Carlyn Taylor, Global Co-Leader of the Corporate Finance & Restructuring segment, was named the 2016 Woman of the Year in Restructuring by IWIRC.

  • Survey: Retailers’ Creative (and Aggressive) Initiatives Spur Optimism

    For all the gloom and doom about the state of retail, some bright spots have emerged in the wake of aggressive initiatives begun by top retailers.

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