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  • Blockchain, Procurement and the Middleman

    For startups, disruptors and legacy companies alike, a centralized data authority adds a layer of time, labor and cost to the procurement process.

  • I’m a Retailer. Should I Ditch My Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

    Senior Managing Director Christa Hart of FTI Consulting weighs in on the question that’s sending omnichannel retailers into an existential crisis.

  • Private Equity Has a Retail Problem

    According to most accounts, 2017 was a solid year for U.S. private equity (PE).

  • Disruptive Technologies

    FTI Consulting has been tracking 24 technologies that have been disrupting value chains, challenging business models, and creating new opportunities.

  • Automotive Manufacturing & Distribution Practice

    FTI Consulting is both attuned to trends and has the execution skills necessary to help you navigate and overcome automotive industry disrupters.

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF)

    FTI Consulting is proud to join a select group of global companies at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, 21-24 January 2020.

  • Private Capital Advisory

    FTI Consulting provides definitive expertise and comprehensive services for the world’s leading private equity firms, hedge funds and investment banks.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Our team offers comprehensive Private Capital Advisory solutions from Origination and Transaction to Value Creation and Exit advisory services.

  • Origination

    Our team takes an analytical approach to exploring and developing investment ideas around sector trends, portfolio companies and platforms.

  • Transaction

    Working with our industry specialists, many of whom have held executive level positions, we provide expert driven, industry-focused insight.

  • Value Creation

    We help companies rapidly unlock profitability by driving revenue growth and improving operational effectiveness across all aspects of their business.

  • Exit

    We identify and assess financial and operational gaps to provide guidance and support in any sales process be it an IPO, bank-led auction or carve-out.

  • 7 Keys to Making Smart Deals in Today’s Pharma and Biotech Industries

    M&A deals got off to a bang with the January 2 announcement by Bristol-Meyers Squibb of its intention to buy Celgene for US$74 billion.

  • Meet Our Experts

    Learn more about the experienced Private Capital Advisory experts here at FTI Consulting's Specialty Services segment.

  • The Extraordinary Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Commercial Contracts in India

    Most businesses have faced operational difficulties because of supply chain disruption, raw material delivery slowdowns and labor shortages.

  • NPAs in India: Recovering from the Stress

    Rising stressed assets cast a shadow over the financial health of the Indian banking system and on the growth rate that can be achieved by the Indian economy.

  • Lender Services

    Our experienced and specialized team focuses on all aspects of the lending decision-making process.

  • COVID-19: Effective Comms in Unprecedented Times

    Forget business as usual. Organizations must ramp up and maintain transparency during this time of crisis to reassure their employees.

  • Michele Booth has 15 years of management and technology consulting experience and is focused on helping organizations with their most important challenges.

  • The Challenges (And Surprising Benefits) of Conducting Remote Investigations

    It's settled that crisis brings increased risk. Crises create opportunities or impose pressure on employees that can lead to fraud and misconduct.

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