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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

The MRO market continues to grow modestly, but several trends will challenge the independent MRO companies. Increased competition from the OEMs who, after large investments in product development under risk-sharing programs, will drive companies to recoup the lifecycle value of their products. Fleet renewals with higher reliability components will eventually lead to lower MRO demand and the high investments in new repair technologies will reduce the level of competition. The remaining players will battle over sunset and mature platforms while grappling with increased availability of surplus materials from retiring fleets. Excess capacity and a fragmented industry will lead to consolidation and companies leaving the market. Surviving companies will be stronger, more focused, leaner, and more global. Our team of experienced MRO experts have worked with the OEMs, independent MROs and airline MRO organizations on growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and on operational improvements in cost, TAT, and inventory.

How We Help

Strategy Development & Implementation

Developing a growth strategy requires a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert facilitation. Our A&D team will work with you to develop actionable and innovative strategies to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Our professionals have extensive industry experience before joining FTI Consulting and understand how to define strategies that can actually be implemented. We help clients and investors develop winning organic and inorganic growth strategies. Our team offers an end-to-end service along the deal continuum, from target identification, due diligence, to deal execution, and post acquisition integration.

Some examples of our work:

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Performance Improvement

FTI Consulting Performance Improvement services help clients rapidly unlock profitability by driving revenue, optimizing cost and improving operational effectiveness. We recognize that time is valuable and that our clients need immediate action. Our teams – small, nimble with the optimal mix of consulting tools and operating experience in the A&D industry – work at an accelerated pace to enact and enable change.

Some examples of our work:

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Mergers & Acquisitions

FTI Consulting supports its clients across the entire deal continuum, from target identification, due diligence, deal execution, to post merger integration and synergy capture. We work with both the leading Private Equity firms as well as global A&D manufacturers and service companies. Our professionals understand the value of rapid and thorough diligence and comprehensive synergy definition and capture.

Some examples of our work:

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Restructuring and Interim Management

FTI Consulting has led the Restructuring League Tables consistently, thanks to our team’s in-depth, industry-specific operational experience and world-class financial expertise. We approach restructuring with industry-specific knowledge plus bankruptcy and reorganization skills. Our professionals have a highly respected track record of stabilizing overleveraged companies, resolving balance sheet issues, assessing operations, restructuring debt and maximizing value to constituents. As a result, we help clients improve liquidity, conserve cash and manage working capital.

Our services include:

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Strategic Communications

Companies in the Aerospace and Defense sector operate at the center of an increasingly complex, fluid and interconnected global landscape where information is difficult to control, perceptions develop quickly, and issues rapidly become contagions across multiple stakeholders. FTI Consulting addresses the challenges Aerospace and Defense companies face with a unique depth and breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to address both local and global issues. We understand the political, regulatory, and economic trends that impact companies in this diverse sector. We also understand how stakeholders can influence corporate outcomes and how to engage them effectively to drive better outcomes.

Our portfolio of solutions includes:

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Valuation and Purchase Price Disputes

FTI Consulting valuation and industry experts understand the complexities of forecasting assets and businesses in dynamic markets. We bring a unique depth of financial analysis, industry insight and practical experience to all our valuation and advisory projects.

Financial opinions and valuation services include:

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