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Geoscience: Geology and Geophysics

Geoscientists study the composition, structure and other physical aspects of the subsurface of the Earth. Exploration geoscientists use seismic imaging integrated with well log information to develop 3-dimensional interpretations of oil and gas reservoirs miles below the surface of the Earth. For more than 30 years, FTI Platt Sparks has advised clients in the testing, proving and development of oil and gas exploration projects as well as assisting with regulatory and legal issues that may evolve from the discovery of new reservoirs.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

  • Fully integrated prospect delineation using 3-D seismic data and subsurface well logs utilizing the IHS Kingdom software platform
  • Prospect development and well site selection services, including geologic prognosis and geo-steering of horizontal wells
  • Prospect/project review and risk assessments
  • Integration of reservoir delineation to insure good-faith pooling within production sharing units
  • Identification of drilling hazards related to geological complexities (geohazards)
  • Geologic integration with reservoir engineering to understand production variability within oil and gas reservoirs to define “sweet-spots” and optimize development within the reservoir

Oil & Gas Regulation and Saltwater Disposal

  • Expert geoscience support for regulatory issues, such as field rules, productive area determinations, irregular spacing or offset between wells, field unitizations or water-flood projects
  • Geologic site evaluations of reservoirs and formations for the purpose of underground disposal of saltwater and oilfield wastes
  • Seismicity risk assessments utilizing fault slip potential (FSP) software to mitigate the risk of induced seismicity (small earthquakes) as a result of underground injection and disposal of saltwater and oilfield wastes. This analysis can be used to determine optimal injection locations and injection rates that will minimize the potential for induced seismicity.

Expert Witness

  • Our geoscience professionals have experience explaining complex geologic concepts in non-technical terms with illustrations and demonstratives that judges, juries, arbiters, regulators, landowners and investors can clearly understand.
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