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Oil & Gas Operations Expertise

Before joining FTI Platt Sparks, our professionals were employed by major, mid-size and independent oil and gas companies, industry service suppliers and oil and gas regulatory agencies. Our professionals have experience in exploration, development, reservoir management, drilling operations, production operations, transportation and regulatory oversight. Our experience includes onshore, offshore, domestic and international activities.

Mineral Ownership, Exploration and Production Rights

  • State ownership, private ownership
  • Oil & gas leases, concessions, licenses, production sharing contracts, etc.
  • Rights and responsibilities of mineral ownership and working interest owners
  • Royalty payment standards / improper deductions
  • Overriding royalty interests
  • Reversionary interests

Oil & Gas Field Operations

  • Regulatory permitting
  • Seismic data acquisition
  • Exploration drilling / development drilling
  • Well completions, fracturing
  • Surface land use for drilling, production, gathering and transportation
  • Gas processing to recover natural gas liquids
  • Waterfloods, CO2 floods, enhanced oil recovery

Business Structure of Oil & Gas Operations

  • Working interest partners
  • Joint operations: rights and responsibilities of operating and non-operating partners
  • Unitization and pooling
  • Production sharing agreements
  • Farm-out agreements
  • Cooperative exploration, development and operations through area-of-mutual-interest (“AMI”)
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