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Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

FTI Platt Sparks was originally formed to provide regulatory consulting services in Texas during the oil boom of the late-1970’s and early-1980’s. Since that time, our practice has expanded well beyond the borders of Texas.

Oil and gas regulations generally govern the organization, management, execution and surety of oilfield exploration, development, production, abandonment, decommissioning and restoration. Our decades of experience, working on oil and gas projects around the world, operating under a wide variety of regulatory bodies, qualifies FTI Platt Sparks to support our clients’ regulatory application and operational needs. Our Regulatory Consulting services include projects such as new field discovery designations, developing and amending field rules, unitization and production allocation, in-place reserves allocation, most-efficient-rate of production (“MER”) determination, enhanced oil recovery (“EOR”) applications, etc. Often regulatory applications require expert witness testimony in a hearing. FTI Platt Sparks has a long history of developing testimony and exhibits to clearly and effectively convey our technical and regulatory findings to the hearing examiners.

Pre-Drill Assistance

  • New Field Discovery Application
  • Down-Hole Commingling Application
  • Maximum Efficient Rate (MER) Determination
  • Net Gas-Oil Ratio (Net GOR) Limitations
  • Gas Storage Permits
  • Drilling Permits
  • Groundwater Protection Application
  • Well Spacing Exceptions
  • Well Density Exceptions
  • Alternate Surface Casing Exceptions
  • Annular Disposal Permits

Post-Drill Assistance

  • Completion Filings for Oil, Gas, and Saltwater Disposal Wells
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Casing Configuration
  • Casing Cement Calculations
  • Directional Survey Certification
  • Production Unit Pooling Designation

Injection Disposal Well Permits

  • Commercial or Non-Commercial Wells
  • Productive or Non-Productive Formations
  • Pressure Front Calculations
  • Saltwater Disposal “Need” Analysis
  • Fault Slip Potential Analysis (Induced Seismicity)
  • Area of Review for Gas, Oil and Water Wells
  • Disposal Capacity Analysis of Area Wells
  • Transportation Analysis to Disposal Wells

Severance Tax Incentives

  • Tight Gas Area Designations
  • Individual Well Certifications
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Incentives

Wind and Solar Energy

Wind and solar energy industries have seen significant growth across the United States, and many of the projects occur in areas of known oil and gas activity. In many states, the mineral estate is dominate and can exercise control of the surface estate upon which the wind and solar facilities are constructed. Wind, solar and title companies seek guidance from FTI Platt Sparks to set aside reasonable and sufficient operations sites for any mineral owner, lessee or operator to access oil and gas reserves which may exist beneath the project area through the use of vertical, directional or horizontal drilling techniques.

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