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Clean Tech, Mobility and Efficiency

Companies around the world face numerous challenges in changing the way they manage energy — challenges driven by expected future increases in energy costs, the development of innovative technologies, and the pressure to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. There are also new opportunities arising from the declining costs of energy storage, digital innovations that further enable new technologies, the growth of the hydrogen economy and the unprecedented transformation of the mobility market, including electric vehicles and alternative powertrains, connected and autonomous cars and trucks, and on-demand mobility and shared services. FTI Consulting provides a wide array of advisory services in Clean Tech, Mobility and Efficiency that address the strategic, financial, operational, technical, reputational, regulatory and capital needs of companies as the energy and mobility markets continue to be disrupted. We provide a one-stop solution to the needs of these companies, their investors and other parties of interest, and illuminate the paths to capitalizing on new opportunities that disruption offers.

Our Industry Services

Business Transformation

With the ability to focus across the major elements of power and utility companies, our global team of highly experienced business transformation professionals provides an expert-driven partnership model to our clients. We are laser-focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness, executing with a balanced approach between short-term benefits and long-term strategic goals. We deploy best practices tailored to the industry dynamics of each client, focusing on the specific challenges that face power and utility companies and the opportunities that drive performance.


Our experts have represented utilities, investors, governments and other clients involved in disputes relating to contractual issues, environmental liabilities and third-party agreements. These high-stakes assignments draw on our extensive knowledge of the operation of clean energy markets, our technical understanding of products and services, and our experience as energy economists and regulatory experts.

Interim Management

The success of a restructuring, merger, acquisition, carve-out, spin-off or divestiture depends on how quickly management voids can be filled once the transaction is completed. The seasoned energy professionals with C-level experience at FTI Consulting are prepared to fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges. Our C-level executives serve in the roles of chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief restructuring officer, controller and treasurer.

Strategic Advisory

FTI Consulting professionals are actively advising a range of clients on how to capture opportunities from the falling costs of energy storage, the new technologies increasingly enabled by advances in digital, the rise of the hydrogen economy and the unprecedented transformation of the mobility market. We leverage commercial, technical and policy expertise plus data-driven analysis to develop and evaluate action-oriented strategic plans, including portfolio strategy and resource prioritization, shareholder value optimization, business unit strategies, long-term business plans, new market-entry strategies, new business-model development and digital strategies.

Strategic Communications

The clean tech, mobility and efficiency sectors faces ongoing challenges — environmental pressures for incumbents, changing regulations and a rapidly changing marketplace — requiring outreach to governmental and regulatory agencies to ensure that policy decisions work for our clients. The strategic communications specialists at FTI Consulting offer clients that expertise, creating and publishing policy and corporate positions appropriately tailored to various audiences, as well as developing communications and public affairs/community relations strategies that are reasoned and targeted.

Transaction Advisory

FTI Consulting’s experts have extensive experience in advising companies, private equity funds, institutional investors and utilities on potential acquisition or sale of assets and businesses. We perform financial and commercial due diligence for both sell- and buy-side transactions; devise actionable investment theses to buy, sell or expand; provide valuation and cash flow modeling services; and undertake M&A screening to identify targets that will meet the business, financial and strategic goals of our clients.

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