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Distribution is all about safe, reliable and cost-effective service. Customer insistence on improved reliability and the consideration of integrating microgrids is forcing providers to rethink their distribution models. As microgrids are evaluated and implemented, utility distribution entities will need to change, too. Utilities also are rethinking their approach to emergency response and are building increased resilience into their distribution systems. The Utility specialists at FTI Consulting have the depth of expertise and breadth of experience to help utility clients navigate through myriad options to provide better distribution reliability and resilience and remain competitive.

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Recently, performance regulations have been strengthened due to poor electric distribution performance in the past. In addition, several regulatory agencies are rethinking whether distribution can be viewed more like transmission. This would create competition for business between distribution utilities and transmission companies. Any change in regulations generates disputes involving all sides. FTI Consulting Energy specialists are adept at developing sophisticated modeling to assess the impact of regulatory changes, and we have been successful in providing compelling support for our recommendations in both written and direct testimony. In addition, because of our relationships with regulatory agencies, we commonly play a significant role in crafting the rules for the wholesale transmission market, as well as for distribution.

Strategic Communications

Distribution utilities are recognizing the need to make a bigger commitment to ongoing communications. It’s difficult to rationalize bad performance when you’ve never communicated positive performance. FTI Consulting Strategic Communications specialists have deep expertise and experience in the power generation, distribution and transmission sectors. We can build entire communications plans, including target audience identification, messaging, media relations, stakeholder management and policy development.

Strategic & Business Consulting

Customer insistence on better reliability is forcing utilities to rethink their distribution models, including integrating microgrids into the systems. Also, utilities are rethinking their approach to emergency response and are building better resilience into their distribution systems. FTI Consulting Utility specialists, many of whom worked in the industry before joining the firm, have extensive experience in helping utilities identify business initiatives, implement performance and emergency response improvements, build greater resilience into the systems and, if necessary, secure appropriate funding. Because of the extent of our experience, there is little or no learning curve required, and we can get involved immediately.

Interim Management

The success of a restructuring, merger, acquisition, carveout, spin-off or divestiture may depend on how quickly management voids can be filled once the transaction is completed. The seasoned Energy professionals with C-level experience at FTI Consulting are prepared to fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges. In a moment’s notice, our experienced and credentialed senior executives assume C-level roles, providing the leadership and strategic decision-making ability to maintain momentum, establish corporate priorities, build morale and provide critical continuity. Our C-level executives serve in the following roles: chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief restructuring officer, controller and treasurer.

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