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Transmission & Distribution

In the United States, aging infrastructure and the unlocking of renewable energy sources are driving new transmission and distribution investment. Transmission formula rates are attractive to many entities exploring ways to form, build and operate transmission-only companies, either as regulated or merchant transmission companies. On the distribution side, utilities are focused on providing safe, reliable and cost-effective service. A focus on improved reliability and the consideration of integrating microgrids are forcing providers to rethink their distribution models. FTI Consulting’s utility experts — many of whom have held executive positions within the industry — are well versed in helping transmission and distribution entities explore such opportunities. With this expertise, we can quickly adapt to help clients develop strategies and make decisions. Across Europe, regulatory frameworks are evolving, and FTI Consulting’s experts have been involved in designing many of the changes. The focus of our Rate Regulation and Market Design practice includes interpreting and evaluating the latest regulatory approaches to transmission and distribution globally in order to help stakeholders set strategies and optimize the regulatory relationship.

Our Industry Services

Business Transformation

With the ability to focus across the five major elements of power and utility companies, our global team of highly experienced business transformation professionals provides an expert-driven partnership model to our clients. We are laser-focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness, executing with a balanced approach between short-term benefits and long-term strategic goals. We deploy best practices tailored to the industry dynamics of each client, focusing on the specific challenges that face power and utility companies and the opportunities that drive performance.


Our experts have represented utilities and other clients involved in disputes about the allocation of costs for new regional transmission facilities. These high-stakes assignments draw on our extensive knowledge of the operation of power markets, our technical understanding of transmission and distribution operations, and our experience as energy economists and regulatory experts.

Interim Management

The success of a restructuring, merger, acquisition, carve-out, spin-off or divestiture depends on how quickly voids in management can be filled once the transaction is completed. The seasoned energy professionals with C-level experience at FTI Consulting are prepared to fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges. Our C-level executives frequently serve in the roles of chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief restructuring officer, controller and treasurer.


FTI Consulting’s professionals are well versed in the rules and regulations that govern how new transmission and distribution networks are selected and built in local, regional and international markets managed by various independent system operators and regulators across the world. We have advised governments on international best practice in network development policies and have helped network developers find opportunities within new policy mandates.

Strategic Advisory

FTI Consulting’s specialists are actively advising a range of clients on how to navigate through the transition from traditional transmission and distribution business to more distributed and intermittent energy flows, identifying opportunities for new investments and designing strategic choices to meet evolving customer demands.

Strategic Communications

The transmission industry faces ongoing challenges in permitting, siting and stakeholder management that require outreach to staff in governments and regulatory agencies to ensure that policy decisions work for our clients. The strategic communications specialists at FTI Consulting offer clients that expertise, creating and publishing policy and corporate positions appropriate to various audiences and developing communications and public affairs/community relations strategies that are reasoned and focused.

Transaction Advisory

FTI Consulting's experts have extensive experience in advising transmission developers, private equity funds, institutional investors and utilities on potential purchases and sales of network assets. We perform financial and commercial due diligence for both sell- and buy-side transactions; devise actionable investment theses to buy, sell or expand; provide valuation and cash flow modeling services; and undertake M&A screening.

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